Commander of Department 330 Logistics Constanța

Master Commander Engineer
(2017 -)

Master Commander Engineer Roșu Bogdan-Cristian was born on the 24th of August1973 in Constanța, County of Constanța.

He graduated the Marine Military High School Alexandru Ioan Cuza and between 1992-1997 he attended the Naval Academy "Mircea cel Bătrân", Faculty of Underwater Weapons.

After graduation he was the Head of Underwater Storage Department at the Technical Section of the Main Subunit at the Mixed Depot 278 Slava Cercheză until 1998. From 1998 until 2001 he was appointed as an Officer 4 within the Department of Procurement Plan, belonging to the Base 330 Logistics and between 2001-2009 he was the Head of Personnel Department, belonging to Logistics Department 330. Between the 30th of April 2009 – 01st of June 2010 he was the Chief of Staff at the Logistics Department 330 Constanța.

He attended and graduated career and level training courses, according to the military ranks and positions, as he continuously improved his military training: advanced course in Ship Use at Battle (2003), Information and Assessment Course in the area of Material and Human Resource Planning in Crisis Situations, in Case of Conscription and War (2004), course of General Staff for the Officers within Navy (2008), specialization course in Work with Ammunition (2014).

On the 01st of October 2014 he was advanced to the rank of Commander.

Between 01st of June 2010 – 01st of November 2017 he was the Deputy Commander (as well as the Head of Storage Department) at the Mixed Depot 340 Murfatlar and between 15th of March – 31st of October he was transferred and empowered on the position of Commander of Logistics Department 330 Constanța.

By the Order of the Chief of Staff of Navy he was appointed as the Commander of the Logistics Department 330 Constanța on the 1st November 2017.

In recognition of his whole career he was decorated with the Honorific Insignia "For Service to the Homeland" for his 20 years of service in 2015.