Commanding officer of 50th Corvette Squadron

Captain (N)

He was born on April 09, 1968, in Sarinasuf village, Tulcea county.

In 1992, he graduated from the Naval Academy "Mircea cel Bătrân", the Navy Faculty, and in 2010, master's courses of the Faculty of Command and Staff, specialization Military and Information Sciences, Joint Command, Naval Forces, at the "Carol I" National Defence University .

During 1992-1997, he was communication, observation and electronic warfare officer onboard 207 Fast Torpedo Boat of the 126th Fast Torpedo Boat Squadron, and between 1997-2000, staff officer of the 126th Fast Torpedo Boat Squadron.

In 2000, he was appointed as communication officer of the 2nd Maritime Flotilla, where he worked until 2001, then he fulfilled the positions as communication, observation and electronic warfare officer onboard 189 Fast Missile Boat and staff officer of the 150th Fast Missile Squadron. During 2002-2006, he was an executive officer onboard 264 Corvette of the 50th Corvette Squadron, and then between 2004-2008, he was promoted at the Navy Headquarters and fulfilled the positions as staff officer in the Training and Operations Offices.

In 2010, he was assigned as Head of Operations and Training at the 50th Corvette Squadron and in 2013, he was appointed as commanding officer of 265 Corvete „Rearadmiral Horia MACELLARIU”. From 2016 until 2022, he fulfilled the positions as staff officer, head of the combat readiness office and head of the plans office of the Operations Directorate from the Defence Staff.

On February 1, 2022, Captain (N) Mihai DĂNILĂ was appointed as Commander of 50th Corvette Squadron.

Throughout his career, he has graduated the following career and specialty courses as: the communication and IT course; the use of naval units course; the International Humanitarian Law course; the Military Operations planners course and the English and French language courses.

Throughout his career he has participated in NATO/PfP international exercise and regional initiatives such as „COOPERATIVE PARTENER”, „BREEZE”, „BLACKSEAFOR”, „DOGU AKDENIZ”, „BLACKSEA PARTNERSHIP” „MARSEC”.

As a sign of appreciation, for the remarkable results obtained throughout his career, he was awarded the following badges and medals: Defense Staff Emblem of Honor and the Honorary Sign "In the Service of the Fatherland" for XV, XX and XXV years of service.

He speaks fluently English and French.