Commanding Officer of “Callatis” Radioelectronic and Surveillance Brigade

Brigadier General

Brigadier General Adrian Brînză was born in Huşi on the 29th of August 1967.

He graduated from “Leontin Sălăjan” Military School (currently the Romanian Air Force Academy), in Braşov, radiolocation branch. He graduated as 1st lieutenant in 1988, was promoted to 2nd lieutenant in 1991, to captain in 1995, to major in 1999, to lieutenant colonel in 2004, colonel in 2009 and Brigadier General in 2018.

He performed different technical and command assignments in the 46th Radio Technical Brigade (1988-1995), 5th Radiolocation Center (1996-2001) and Air Forces HQ (2004). Since 2005 he served within the 243 Radioelectronic and Observation Brigade as OpsO (2005), Early warning and analysis section chief (2006-2008), chief of staff (2009), deputy CO (2010-2013) and CO (starting with 2014).

Brigadier General Brînză was actively involved in the installation and testing of the DUNAETS radiolocation command automation system, FPS 117 radar program implementation, installation and trials, Air Command and Control System (ACCS) and Gap Filler radar system implementation in the Romanian Air Forces, SCOMAR MoD implementation program (Maritime Surveillance System in the Black Sea) and planning of infrastructure improvements and modernization of the Radioelectronic and Surveillance Brigade facilities.

His professional and personal educational development include DR20 and DR10 equipment course (1991), English language course (1997), FPS117 radar course (1998), databases course (1999), staff course (2000), command and staff master degree (National Defense University, 2004), GAP FILLER radar system course (2004), SIGINT and EW activity management postgraduate course (2009), military information strategic defense command postgraduate course (2013), public relation for COs course (2015), „Security and Good Governance” și “Challenges of Securing Maritime Areas of the EU” (2019).

In appreciation to his dedicated service he was awarded the Romanian Naval Forces Emblem (2008), the Romanian General Staff Emblem (2014), Communications and Informatics Emblem (2015), Romanian National Service Medal second class (2016), Air Force Emblem and Maritime Virtue Order in the rank of Knight (2019).

Brigadier General Adrian BRÎNZĂ is married and has one son.