The current basic mission - special structure, regimental level, subordinated to the General Staff of the Naval Forces, which provides specialized technical support for the exercise of command and control in the Naval Forces by carrying out, operating and maintaining the communications and IT system necessary for management, cooperation and notification of large units and units, supervises and operates the Permanent Transmission Network within the National Military Communications Network in the South - East of the country, in peace, in crisis and war, operates and maintains national component and NATO of the Alliance's BRASS (Broadcast and Ship-Shore) network and national components of the SSSB (Ship-Shore-Ship Buffer) system.

According to the mission, the 110 Communications and Informatics Center serves in terms of the need for communications services, the Naval Forces Headquarters, the Fleet Command, the River Flotilla and the Naval Component Command, but also provides, if necessary, communications support for exercises, missions and other activities of the other major units and units of the Naval Forces.

The unit ensures both the stationary component of the communications system of the Naval Forces (2nd Center for Communications and Informatics from the National Military Communications Network) and the mobile one (1st Center for Mobile Communications and Informatics), in the entire area of responsibility.