The fundamental objective

Transforming into a REGIONAL CENTER OF EXCELLENCE in the field of operational and tactical training and evaluation, nationally recognized, internationally affirmed and validated by the North Atlantic alliance as a viable tool in maintaining the level of capability affirmed and declared by the Naval Forces.


The specialized structure, directly subordinated to the General Staff of the Naval Forces, organized in order to ensure the operational training, evaluation and certification of the the Naval Forces for national and NATO / EU missions.


Centre`s main task is to prepare and achieve the optimal framework for collective training and preparation of force structures in order to obtain maximum benefits from the execution of operational training in port and at sea or tactical simulators.

At the same time, the Center provides and ensures the support of tactical training by simulation for command structures in the Naval Forces, using NATO tactical training software by simulation (JCATS- Joint Conflict and Training Simulation), constructive or distributed.


Operational / collective training:

• performing of the operational training sessions (basic/refresher/advanced module) of Naval Forces` personnel and units;

• performing of the collective training by constructive and distributed tactical simulation (JCATS) of Naval Forces` staff (ship's combat team to the level of the Naval Component Command);

• Naval Forces` command structures and other armed forces branches collective training through distributed simulation (JCATS) as well as some from allied or partner nations;

• organization and development of operational training modules with combat teams from ships, in the field of conducting combat at sea by using CIC, ASTT and C2 simulation systems.

Operational strength assessment:

• performing the national evaluation of the operational capability level (according to MAREVAL, CREVAL, TACEVAL,SOFEVAL) of ships destined to fulfill missions under the Allied or Coalition command;

• national evaluation of naval forces(ships and crews) after completing the advanced module of the operational refresher training;

• crew and ships` training level evaluation and preparation after completing the operational training sessions.


• national evaluation and certification of the forces designated to fulfill missions/exercise performance under the command of the Ally or multination coalition;

• participation with NATO certified personnel in evaluations conducted by NATO regional structures (JFC);

• national certification of crews and personnel intended to participate in the NATO Response Force (NRF)

• onboard trainers certification for different domains and specialties;