• The Naval Medicine Center was established on October 1, 1990, as a separate unit within the Navy Command, operating until 2014 in a building belonging to the 39th Diving Center;

• Since its establishment, the main functional attributions of the Naval Medicine Center have been represented by:
- Regular medical check-ups of military and civillian personnel in the military units of the Naval Forces, in order to stabilize boarding skills and medical skills in the relation to the performance of duties for non-boarding personnel;
- Medical-military expertise for embarked/unembarked personnel and those who carry out activities in the hyperbaric environment;
- Curative-prophylactic and specialized medical assistance of the personnel from the Naval Forces;
- Scientific research activity in the field of hyperbarism, together with the staff from the specialized structure of underwater diving within the 39th Diving Center Constanța.

• Since 2014, the Naval Medicine Center is deployed in the current location, Constanța, Dezrobirii street, no.80.