The Radio-electronic and Observation Center was established on June 1, 1972, by the order of the General Staff no. CL 00420, to respond to the requirements of the Romanian Navy. Since its establishment, it has contributed to the decision making process of the higher echelons regarding the organization and management of activities conducted by Romanian Navy at sea and on the river. In accordance with the evolution of the military and security environment in the area of responsibility of the Black Sea and the change in the organization of the domestic military system, the unit has undergone several changes, as follows:
- on June 1, 1992, after 20 years of existence, the Radio-electronic and Observation Center was changed into the Radio-electronic and Observation Brigade by the Order of the General Staff;
- on October 1, 2001, the Radio-electronic and Observation Brigade became the Radio-electronic and Observation Center again;
- on July 1, 2017, as a result of the modernization process of the Romanian Army, the Center was raised again to Brigade level.

As recognition of the exceptional results, the military colors were handed over to the Radio-electronic and Observation Center by the Navy Chief of Staff, Vice Admiral-Commander Gheorghe Anghelescu.

Also, on July 4, 2002, the unit's military colors were decorated with the National Order of merit in the rank of Knight. During the celebration of 45 years since its establishment, on June 1, 2017, the unit was awarded with the Naval Force's Emblem of Honor, Defense Intelligence Emblem of Honor, Air Force's Emblem of Honor, and Association’s of Military Diplomats in Reserve Emblem of Honor.

Commanding Officers:
- 1972-1976 Captain 2nd rank Gheorghe Anghelescu, later Chief of the Navy
- 1976-1980 Captain 2nd rank Mihai Păduraru
- 1980-1982 Captain 2nd rank Mircea Neacşu
- 1982-1990 Captain 1st rank Ioan Stoleru
- 1990-1995 Captain 1st rank Mircea Neacşu
- 1995-1999 Captain Gheorghe Marin, later Chief of the General Staff
- 1999-2005 Colonel Ioan Panait
- 2005-2009 CaptainVirgil Dospinescu
- 2009-2010 Captain Corneliu Bocai, later Chief of Instruction and Doctrine of the General Staff of the Naval Forces
- 2010-2014 Captain Mircea Bălășcuță
- 2014-2021 Brigadier General Adrian Brînză, currently Commander of the Communications and Informatics Command