Historical overview

The Sea Division – Higher Royal Decree of Establishing no. 1093 issued by King Carol I on 26.02.1896.

Maritime Naval Forces Command – 1943

Maritime Division 42
- 1963

Maritime Fleet - 1990
• Reorganization 01.09.1995 - 4 Ship Brigades;
• Reorganization 01.09.2000 - 2 Maritime Flotillas;
• Reorganization 01.10.2001 – 5 Ship Squadrons, 1 Coastal Missile Fast Patrol Boat Squadron, 2 Coastal Artillery Squadrons, logistics support units;
• Reorganization 01.04.2002 – 5 Squadrons and Intercommunication Company.

Naval Operational Command – 2002

Fleet Command - 2006

• To promote and defend the national maritime and fluvial interests
• To plan and lead the defence of the coast, territorial waters and other economic and military objectives in the responsibility area
• To monitor the maritime and fluvial space, to ensure the freedom of navigation and the exercise of Romania’s rights over its natural resources and objectives in the Exclusive Economic Zone
• To plan and lead military actions independently and/or in cooperation with other naval forces units, armed forces categories, border police and allied/partner forces

The Role of the Fleet Command
During peacetime – a specialized structure in the naval forces to exercise operational tasks, the management of the maritime fluvial and adjacent air space;
• To train and evaluate the operational forces;
• To prepare naval forces operation plans for crisis situations and at wartime;
• To cooperate with other structures of the Naval Forces General Staff which can be taken over as subordinates by transfer of authority.