Currently, the structure of the 307th Marine Regiment is based on its doctrine, specific combat environment, equipment, missions and operational requirements, with units (sub-units) of marines, artillery, anti-armour, scouting, engineering, communications, and logistic support.

The 307th Marine Regiment is organized into the following structures:
1. The Regiment Headquarters/HQ is organized into specialized staff organizational sections (personnel, intelligence, operations, training, communications logistics and information technology) and decision support. The main purpose of the command is to exercise command and control over the forces by planning, preparing, coordinating and evaluating operations.
2. The Naval Infantry Battalion is the manoeuvre unit of the regiment designed to execute decisive combat operations to achieve the objective in combat. The Naval Battalion is usually organised in Naval Infantry Companies with similar organisation (3-4 Naval Infantry platoons, heavy weapons platoon, sniper teams, company HQ). In tactical combat actions, Naval Infantry Companies usually operate dismounted as light infantry, or on armoured personnel carriers (APC) or by riverine/amphibious or air landing from fast landing crafts (riverine craft) and helicopters.
3. The Combat Support Battalion is the unit designed to provide combat support functions for the regiment's operations in combat. The battalion is organised into specialised sub-units:
- I.S.R. Company (reconnaissance-surveillance);
- Field Artillery Battery (fire support);
- Staff & Support Company (CIS, engineer, force protection, riverine mobility, etc.).
4. The Logistic Company is the sub-unit designed to provide combat services and support / CSS in operations, through the main specific capabilities: supply/re-supply, motor transportations, maintenance, medical support, field services and infrastructure.

As a rule, the regiment operates through amphibious landing detachments of Platoon – Company size, reinforced according to the specifics of the mission, embarked on Combat Rubber Crafts or on-board riverine patrol crafts, on helicopters or combined. Also, in land operations (similar to Army infantry platoons/companies), it can operate independently, as part of battle groups.

The basic link of the regiment is the Marine. The core of Marine training is based on: excellent physical shape, the professional skills in use of infantry small weapons, survival skills, teamwork skills in order to cope with the hostile environment and kill the enemy.

Regardless of rank and position within the unit, the soldier of the 307th Naval Infantry Regiment is first and foremost a MARINE. This quality forced him to train to a highest professional level and to prove in combat, personal qualities such as integrity, honour, loyalty, commitment, respect, courage and patriotism.