From 1871 it functioned as a mixed warehouse of military materials until 1956, when the barracks was handed over to the Galati Regional People's Council, the spaces being also used as a warehouse for materials.

In 1969 the barracks returned to the military patrimony, functioning as a sub-warehouse of marine materials, belonging to the Cernavoda Mixed Warehouse.

In 1970 according to the MFA order no. CL 00896 from 11.07.1970, the unit becomes the 319 Mixed Warehouse of the Navy.

In 1995, the 319 Mixed Warehouse became subordinated to the "Mihail Kogalniceanu" Danube River Flotilla.

From April 2004 until June 2006, the 319 Mixed Warehouse was directly subordinated to the Joint Logistics Command.

In June 2006 - the unit was transformed into Mixed Sector 319 and re-subordinated to Victoria Territorial 303 Mixed Warehouse within the same command.

On October 1, 2007, the unit returned to the Naval Forces as part of the 329 Logistics Section within the Naval Logistics Base.