On 01.06.1980, based on the General Staff’s order, the Minister of National Defense approved the establishment of the 329 supply Battalion (U.M.02043) with the deployment in Braila garrison, subordinated to the command of the 24 River Brigade.

Battalion 329 supply, composed ships taken from Division 131 auxiliary ships, as follows:

• River Ship command “Republic”
• Maritime demagnetization ship “Electronica”
• RF 310 river tug
• Floating river barracks “Danube”
• The powered river electric plant
• River boat command “Zenith”
• River dredger with cups “Oituz”
• Unpropelled river marshes 601 and 602
• Unpropelled river marshes ‘STM 716’ and ‘STM 712’
• Unpropelled river tank for CL “MM 351”
• Maritime service boat 150hp “SM 167”
• River tank propelled for CL “TF 342”
• 150hp service river boats “SM 171” and “SM 174”
• Propelled 417 and 418
• 1 group divers
• 2 large mooring pontoons

On 30.05.1995, in accordance with the provisions of General order no. 4 of 03.02.1995 of the Minister of national Defense on the establishment of the Danube flotilla and the organization of the Danube flotilla forces, the 329 Logistics base is established and is subordinated to the Danube flotilla command

At 01.08.2002 base 329 Logistics is transformed into Section 329 Logistics with dislocation in Braila garrison, subordinated to the 2 fluvial base – Tulcea, in accordance with the order of the Minister of national Defense number MS 25/05.03.2002 regarding the dissolution, transformation, subordination or establishment of large units and formations of the Romanian Army peacebuilding.

Between 01.03 and 31.03.2005 the 329 Logistics Section is reorganized and at 01.04.2005 it is subordinated to the naval base – Constanta, In accordance with the “Framework Plan on the continuation of the restructuring and modernization process of the Romanian Army between 01.01 and 31.12.2005” approved by the Decision of the Supreme Council of Defense of the country No. S/225 of 27.10.2004, of the “order of the Minister of national Defense no. M.S. 179 of 14.12.2004, on the abolition, transformation, resubordination, The redeployment or establishment of commands, large units and formations of the Peace composition of the Romanian Army in 2005” and the provision of S.M.G. no. B/5/S 331 of 08.02.2005.

On 01.10.2007, based on the report of the Chief of Staff of the Navy No. 18715 of 28.06.2007, supplemented by report No. 21605 of 23.07.2007, The Chief of the General Staff approved the passage of Galati sector 319 from the Joint Logistics command to the Naval base of the Naval Staff of the Naval Forces, as an Annex of the Logistics Section 329. Between 17.09.2007 and 21.09.2007, the surrender – reception of the patrimony and the units’ staff was executed.

The fundamental objective of Section 329 Logistics is the timely and efficient delivery of logistical support to increase the level of training and endowment of the naval forces structure in the context of the program to restore the fighting capacity of the structures in the short and medium term. In order to fulfill specific missions at national level and to fulfill the military commitments assumed by the naval forces at international level.

Due to the process of modernization and acquisition of military equipment for the gradual replacement of the physically and morally used technique, the endowment with ships has undergone the following changes:
• April 07, 1990 – enter the composition of the “Mihai Viteazul” River Ship Unit and “Mircea cel Mare” command River Ship;
• January 24, 1997 – SC “Zenith” handed over for posting to UM 02133 Constanta;
• February 13, 1998 – TMM 351 and F 171 ships exit the facility being handed over to the free Zone of Galați;
• March 10, 1998 – SM 167 exits the unit’s endowment being handed over to the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve;
• October 29 – November 30, 1998 – dismantling and handing over to the units of valorisation of dear “Grindel”;
• April 08, 2003 – the surrender - receipt of the command ship “LT.cdor. Vasile Păun” to Tulcea City Hall;
• May 28, 2004 – the following ships are handed over to UM 02016 Babadag: BF 455, SFRS 593, CEAM 417;
• 01.06.2017 – the “MUREŞ” command river ship resubordinates and leaves the composition of Section 329 Logistics;
• 01.08.2017 – the Fluvyl-310 tug and the 300 HP-596 Livar tow-rescue boat come out of the 329 Logistics Section.